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What does Export - Import Shipping Process Look Like?

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Export and Import global trading business ins and outs are mostly not known by most people unless one is a business owner trading commodities in global market. I grew up in a business family watching (and working) with my dad in this industry. So I always had an inherent likeness and understanding towards global multi-national trading business. It also provides tremendous business opportunities. I started AG UNIVERSAL USA LLC ( here in Portland, OR, USA on the same backdrop - global export and import company - exporting scrap metals and agricultural goods from US and Latin America to Asia. As we expand our operations, the offerings and global outlook would expand too. Look at the biggest companies around you and you will see them in the Export and Import business before it gets down to retail side of the market - Walmart, Nike, Adidas, Apple, Samsung, Sony, GE, and the list goes on.

I wanted to share this high level picture of the Export Import Shipping Process along with a peek into the EXW, FOB, CIF payment terms graphically. I will be sharing more on this in future posts. Stay Tuned.

Devil lies in the details and there are many layers and nuances to the export import trading world - people, logistics, stakeholders, banking, supply chain, pricing, etc - that I will get into one step at a time in my future company blogs and youtube videos. You can find all our current and future blog reservoir at or follow us on Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Google - look for aguniversalusa (links below). Thanks.

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