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What are different Nonferrous Scrap Terminology ?

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Let's learn commonly used Non-Ferrous Scrap Terminologies

When I first started in scrap business, I would find it difficult when veterans in this industry would use certain terminologies. I am still learning nuances of this vast industry every single day. I felt it would be useful if I could share some of the commonly and often used non ferrous scrap terminologies in this blog post. Feel free to add in comments if I missed any. I would love to hear your feedback below. Stay tuned in as I will capture the journey of scrap business in these blog posts with the sole purpose of bringing as much value as possible to the readers about the scrap industry and share knowledge from my daily experiences. If you have any questions, suggestions, something you would like me to cover, let me know in the comments. Thanks.

Aroma – New Nickel Scrap

Barley – No. 1 Copper Wire

Berry – No. 1 Copper Wire

Birch – No. 2 Copper Wire

Burly – Old Nickel Scrap

Candy – No. 1 Heavy Copper

Cliff – No. 2 Copper

Clove – No. 1 Copper Wire Nodules

Cobra – No. 2 Copper Wire Nodules

Cocoa – Copper Wire Nodules

Dandy – New Cupro Nickel Clips and Solids

Daunt – Cupro Nickel Solids

Delta – Soldered Cupro Nickel Solids

Decoy – Cupro Nickel Spinnings, Turnings, Borings

Depth – Miscellaneous Nickel–Copper and Nickel-Copper Iron

Dream – Light Copper

Drink – Refinery Brass

Drove – Copper-Bearing Scrap

Druid – Insulated Copper Wire Scrap

Ebony – Composition or Red Brass

Eland – High Grade-Low Lead Bronze Solids

Elder – Genuine Babbit-Lined Brass Bushings

Elias – High Lead Bronze Solids and Borings

Enerv – Red Brass Composition Turnings

Engel – Machinery or Hard Brass Solids

Erin – Machinery or Hard Brass Borings

Fence – Unlined Standard Red Car Boxes (Clean Journals)

Ferry – Lined Standard Red Car Boxes (Lined Journals)

Grape – Cocks and Faucets

Hitch – New R-Monel Clippings and Solids

Honey – Yellow Brass Scrap

House – New Mixed Monel Solids and Clippings

Ideal – Old Monel Sheet and Solids

Indian – K-Monel Solids

Ivory – Yellow Brass Castings

Junto – Soldered Monel Sheet and Solids

Label – New Brass Clippings

Lace – Brass Shell Cases Without Primers

Lady – Brass Shell Cases With Primers

Lake – Brass Small Arms and Rifle Shells, Clean Fired

Lamb – Brass Small Arms and Rifle Shells, Clean Muffled (Popped)

Lark – Yellow Brass Primer

Lemon – Monel Casting

Lemur – Monel Turnings

Maize – Mixed New Nickel Silver Clippings

Major – New Nickel Silver Clippings and Solids

Malar – New Segregated Nickel Silver Clippings

Malic – Old Nickel Silver

Melon – Brass Pipe

Naggy – Nickel Silver Castings

Niece – Nickel Silver Turnings

Night – Yellow Brass Rod Turnings

Noble – New Yellow Brass Rod Ends

Nomad – Yellow Brass Turnings

Ocean – Mixed Unsweated Auto Radiators

Pales – Admiralty Brass Condenser Tubes

Pallu – Aluminum Brass Condenser Tubes

Palms – Muntz Metal Tubes

Parch – Manganese Bronze Solids

Pekoe – 200 Series Stainless Steel Scrap Solids

Racks – Scrap Lead – Soft

Radio – Mixed Hard/Soft Scrap Lead

Rails – Lead Battery Plates

Rains – Scrap Drained/Dry Whole Intact Lead Batteries

Rakes – Battery Lugs

Ranch – Block Tin

Ranks – Pewter

Raves – High Tin Base Babbit

Relay – Lead Covered Copper Cable

Rents – Lead Dross

Rink – Scrap Wet Whole Intact Lead Batteries

Rono – Scrap Industrial Intact Lead Cells

Roper – Scrap Whole Intact Industrial Lead Batteries

Ropes – Wheel Weights

Roses – Mixed Common Babbit

Sabot – Stainless Steel Scrap

Saves – Old Zinc Die Cast Scrap

Scabs – New Zinc Die Cast Scrap

Scoot – Zinc Die Cast Automotive Grilles

Scope – New Plated Zinc Die Cast Scrap

Score – Old Scrap Zinc

Screen – New Zinc Clippings

Scribe – Crushed Clean Sorted Fragmentizers Die Cast Scrap, as Produced from Automobile Fragmentizers

Scroll – Unsorted Zinc Die Cast Scrap

Scrub – Hot Dip Galvanizers Slab Zinc Dross (Batch Process)

Scull – Zinc Die Cast Slabs or Pigs

Seal – Continuous Line Galvanizing Slab Zinc Top Dross

Seam – Continuous Line Galvanizing Slab Zinc Bottom Dross

Shelf – Prime Zinc Die Cast Dross

Tablet – Clean Aluminum Lithographic Sheets

Tabloid – New, Clean Aluminum Lithographic Sheets

Taboo – Mixed Low Copper Aluminum Clippings and Solids

Taint/Tabor – Clean Mixed Old Alloy Sheet Aluminum

Take – New Aluminum Can Stock

Talap – Old Can Stock

Talcred – Shredded Aluminum Used Beverage Can (UBC) Scrap

Taldack – Densified Aluminum Used Beverage Can (UBC) Scrap

Taldon – Baled Aluminum Used Beverage Can (UBC) Scrap

Taldork – Briquetted Aluminum Used Beverage Can (UBC) Scrap

Tale – Painted Siding

Talent – Coated Scrap

Talk – Aluminum Copper Radiators

Tall – E.C. Aluminum Nodules

Talon – New Pure Aluminum Wire and Cable

Tann – New Mixed Aluminum Wire and Cable

Tarry – Aluminum Pistons

Taste – Old Pure Aluminum Wire and Cable

Tassel – Old Mixed Aluminum Wire and Cable

Teens – Segregated Aluminum Borings and Turnings

Telic – Mixed Aluminum Borings and Turnings

Tense – Mixed Aluminum Casting

Tepid – Wrecked Airplane Sheet Aluminum

Thigh – Aluminum Grindings

Thirl – Aluminum Drosses, Spatters, Spillings, Skimmings and Sweepings

Throb – Sweated Aluminum

Tooth – Segregated New Aluminum Alloy Clippings and Solids

Tough – Mixed New Aluminum Alloy Clippings and Solids

Tread – Segregated New Aluminum Castings, Forgings and Extrusions

Trump – Aluminum Auto Castings

Twang – Insulated Aluminum Wire Scrap

Twist – Aluminum Airplane Castings

Twitch – Fragmentizer Aluminum (From Automobile Shredders)

Ultra – Stainless Steel Turnings

Vaunt – Edison Batteries

Wafer – Magnesium Clips

Walnut – Magnesium Scrap

Wine – Magnesium Engraver Plates

Wood – Magnesium Dockboards

World – Magnesium Turnings

Zorba – Recyclable Concentrates of Shredded Mixed Nonferrous Scrap Metal in Pieces – Derived from Fragmentizers for further Separation of Contained Materials.

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